Clive Gibbons.

Tenacious, Clive stays on top of the ball. And when it comes to transacting and negotiating in this part of Spain — it’s in his court. With almost 20 years of experience across the Costa Blanca residential and investment opportunities, it’s Clive's innate market knowledge and intuitive understanding of his clients’ objectives that allows him to be one step ahead. He’s a leader, not just in his team but in the real estate arena — setting an example for efficiency and excellence. Confident to do things differently and consistently exceeding expectations, Clive radiates the revolutionary energy that defines our company.

Clive believes that a good sense of humour is crucial in Real Estate. His relaxed, direct manner and ability to break down barriers between people have earned him a reputation as an honest, no nonsense communicator and quiet achiever. Clive’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for Real Estate is well balanced with a range of out-of-office pursuits. 


Clive is available on (0034) 6666 4444 2 or by email:

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