5 reasons to use a Buyer's Agent

  1. Market advice. Clive Gibbons helps clients see the current state of the market and guides them with a strategic plan to acheive their property goals.
  2. Access. Being represented by Clive Gibbons means you are exposed to the entire property market, including off-market and pre-market stock. 
  3. Due Diligence. I ensure that you as our client pays a fair price for the property and in line with current market values. I include an in-depth analysis of the property, and assesment with comparable sales, build reports, surveys and crontracts. 
  4. Negotiation. Understanding the stratagy for buying a property and getting the lowest price possible by using long-term relationships with selling agents.
  5. Support. As an experienced third party, I take the emotion away to ensure you are making the right decision. This could be one of your largest financial decision and I know you need ongoing support to navigate this process. 

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